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How to Set up Echo Dot

Introduce the Alexa application on your cell phone. In the event that you have an iPhone or iPad, introduce Alexa for iOS. In the event that you have an Android gadget, use Alexa for Android all things considered.

Plug in your Reverberation gadget. Following a couple of moments, you’ll see a turning orange light. You may likewise hear Alexa say so anyone can hear that it is prepared for arrangement.

On the following page, tap Reverberation, Reverberation Spot, Reverberation Also, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Follow the instructions to choose your new Echo device and connect it to WiFi. Tap Continue.
Pick a language and tap Proceed.
Pick which room the gadget is situated in and tap Proceed.
Alexa will request that you enter your street number. Enter it and tap Proceed.

Common Problems with Alexa App

It’s baffling when a gadget dependent on your voice orders, similar to any Amazon Reverberation, quits working. There could be various explanations behind the issues.

Tracking down Shrewd Gadgets With Alexa Isn’t Working
Alexa Doesn’t Stream Music Appropriately.
Alexa Wi-Fi Quit Working
Alexa Isn’t Reacting to My Voice
Alexa Gets Set off Inadvertently
Playing Music on Some unacceptable Speaker
Alexa Can’t Play out an Expertise
Alexa Voice Call Doesn’t Work

Hey Alexa, Turn on the lights

At the point when you provide this order to Alexa, she will pay attention to it and turn on the lights for you.

Hey Alexa, book a ride for me

Alexa will book a uber ride for you to the objective you have mentioned.

Hey Alexa, Play the music

After listening to this command, Alexa will play your favorite music.


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